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This virtual space is to enable all staff to report concerns relating
to product safety, legality, quality and integrity. If you have any suggestions, concerns or solutions to help make our workplace the optimal place to work. We welcome your feedback. 


Terms and Conditions

  • Your feedback will be submitted anonymously.(Unless you want us to respond directly to you)

  • Your feedback will have no identify attached. (Unless you want it known)

  • All information is stored on an online password protected site only accessible by HR.

  • HR will compile all the feedback and present to proper management personnel. (no identity will be attached)

  • Stick to work related ideas and concerns. This is not the place to bash other employees or management. 

    • If you have an issue with another employee or management the proper channel is to go to your Manager or HR. 

  • Some  examples to give feedback on include:

    • Operational efficiency

    • Service to our customers

    • Minimizing wasteful practices

    • Facilitating shipments.

    • Product safety

    • Legality, quality and integrity. 

  • If you have solutions to inefficiencies then let us know. We would love to hear them!  

We want to hear your suggestions and concerns! 
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